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You are about to make the best decision of your life. This is your first and most important step towards your goal


Have you been thinking about a change you want to make for yourself? 

Do you feel tired of those habits that no longer serve you?

Do you feel determined to change bad habits or maybe incorporate new ones? 

Do you feel afraid because maybe you can’t commit to such a thing? 

Do you think you have to be 100% ready to make this step, to invest in yourself? 

Are you afraid of feeling constricted, maybe losing your freedom or even wasting your money?


Because I understand your feelings and fears I give you the opportunity to have a free intake video call. During this 45 minutes conversation we can get to know each other a bit. I will create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for you to tell your story and discuss your needs and expectations. We can also determine which plan suits you best and how it will look for you in the near future.


I will also explain to you VIVOVibes approach and why this approach guarantees you success. The best part of this intake is that it’s free of commitment. You don’t have to buy or pay anything afterwards. 


You need to feel comfortable with your coach/trainer and this first meeting will give you the opportunity to connect more with the person who will accompany you throughout the journey.


Are you ready?



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