Outdoor Exercising

Join my outdoor group workouts Spring - Summer 2023!

Exercising outdoors is always a good and fun way to add more movement to your life and burn more calories as a part of your weekly workout schedule.

After being indoors for so long it’s time to enjoy the sun in the presence of others as a part of a fun team. The benefits of working out or doing outdoor activities are many and impressively positive. Being so close to mother nature, breathing pure air, feeling the warmth of the sun or even the cold of the morning, plays an important role in your mental health, boosting the release of endorphins and enhancing your immune system.



Join my 60 minutes bootcamp class every Saturday at 9 o’clock to challenge your body with demanding moves and combinations to take it to the limit, burn as many calories as possible, get stronger and fitter. You also will improve your coordination and agility and, only if you dare, you will find the power hidden within you.

And don’t worry! You don’t need to be fit to join this class, adapting workouts to different fitness levels is my specialty. 

This is a bootcamp for everyone!



Join my yoga class every Saturday at 10:15. Bring your mat, find a spot and move with me through the asanas (yoga poses) in the company of the sounds from nature. You don’t have to be a regular yogi to join this class, just open minded and curious to discover new parts of yourself.

This one hour class will guide you through a warm-up, a flow, a cool down and meditation. This is the main structure but classes may vary depending on the participants.

Nothing more invigorating than a yoga class in nature!

Every Saturday at Zuiderpark in The Hague.

Starting date: 13th of May. You can join anytime.

Get a discount for your participation in both classes.