Conscious Nutrition Program

Conscious Nutrition Program

Get healthy again with ViVoVibes. Get personalized support every step of the way. Hit your goals with Team ViVoVibes! Start now, receive benefits beyond weight loss. Start your 10-week customized course now.  

Most of the time you won’t succeed doing something you don’t like. Nobody likes to feel hungry the whole day and renouncing to the things they usually like. It’s not realistic or at least not sustainable. ViVoVibes provide nutrition counseling, meal planning, customized meal services, corporate wellness, weight management and , personal wellness consulting.

My proposal for you is a realistic, sustainable and friendly way where you can slowly start changing your relationship with food, understanding more about yourself by creating awareness, learning about better options and better ways along tips and tricks to enhance your process. 

The Conscious Nutrition Program includes:

  • 10 weeks journey
  • Three different stages of 21 days
  • Three Coaching sessions of 45 minutes every 21 days
  • Meals and emotions tracking
  • Continuous communication through WhatsApp

This program guarantees a sustainable change in your way of eating, more balance in your daily routines and so much knowledge that you can keep applying to your life even after finishing the program.

No more diets, more results and happiness!

Start your 10 weeks Conscious Nutrition Program  by clicking the button below.

Available in English and Spanish.